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Monday, February 14, 2011

Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad

While both iPhone and iPad are from Apple and have the same underling OS and it is possible to run applications built for iPhone to be installed on iPad as well, porting iPhone apps to iPad is not a straight forward exercise.

In principle, the same app can run, however the user experience will not be great and will not meet the expectations of the use as the larger real estate on iPad will not be efficiently used.

Also, there are some fundamental differences between the two which have to be kept in mind while developing the applications:

Yes (2 for video conferencing in iPhone 4)
Screen Size
3.5 inch display
9.7 inch display
960 x 480
1024 x 768
only on Wi-Fi supported Models
No Gyroscope

Every app needs to consider the Screen size and Resolution as the major difference. However apps that include phone features, GPS or Camera features will have to be rewritten for iPad. 

Also, the lack of gyroscope in iPad makes it not so very suitable for gaming apps.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Telnet on Windows 7

By default, telnet is not enabled on Windows 7 due to insecure connection security concern.

In order to enable and install Telnet in Windows 7, the steps are easy, and similar to procedures to turn on and enable Telnet in Windows Vista:

* Open Control Panel.
* Go to Programs or Programs and Features.
* Click Turn Windows features on or off.
* In the “Windows Features” dialog box, select (tick) the Telnet Client check box.

* Click OK.
* After installation is done, Telnet can be used and called immediately.