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Friday, January 21, 2011

TOGAF and Zachman

There are quite a few Enterprise Architecture Frameworks like TOGAF, Zachman, DODAF, FEAF and many more.

However, the most often talked about are TOGAF and Zachman in the IT communities that I have interacted with. So, I thought, I will share my thoughts on what are the major differences between the two.

They have somethings in common but are widely different in terms of their coverage.

TOGAF is a methodology that includes a EA Process (The ADM) as well as the taxonomy and the required templates and guidelines for an enterprise architecture practice.

However, Zachman only provides only a taxonomy (pretty exhaustive) and is completely silent on the process, guidelines and techniques.

To draw parallels between the two, TOGAF suggests an Architecture Content Framework consisting of a Content Meta Model - Zachman's taxonomy maps to this part of the TOGAF specification.

Hence it is often claimed that TOGAF can work in conjunction with any other EA model like the Zachman Framework - since the taxonomy could be derived from Zachman while the process could be that of TOGAF.

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